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Who we are

PayPLUS was founded in the Fall of 2008 by Paul & Lori Hogan & John Hogan:

PayPLUS is an alternative to “big box” payroll companies that would more closely reflect the values of the home care agency previously owned by our founders. As a result, PayPLUS quickly became the leading payroll & tax management company for these franchised businesses in the network. Emphasis on client satisfaction & customer service fostered continued growth, creating the opportunity to provide trusted services to these home care agency franchised businesses in 2009.

A few facts about our company

  • Net promoter score82%
  • Customer satisfaction rating95%
  • Customer retention99%

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Fast and Friendly Customer Service

From day one, our primary focus has been on providing superior customer service.

Increase Your Efficiency

With payroll and tax services rolled into one offerring, PayPLUS can help you focus on growing your business.

On-Time and Accurate Tax Reporting

At PayPLUS, we strive to get your payroll taxes done quickly, accurately, and on time!

Extensive Payroll Expertise

Leverage PayPLUS’s vast knowledge and skill, so you can focus on what matters most: Growing your business.

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